Social Media Tools for Work & Self Promotion

Social Media offers numerous tools of varying types to  businesses and consumers, knowing what is available, which Social Media tools  you should be using to achieve your company objectives and how to use the tool  for your business’s project can be confusing to even the saviest Social  Marketer.

Social Networks

Social Networking Tools enable businesses to open new channels  of communication with consumers and business prospects. Digital Social Networks  are the new town square, the new Chamber of Commerce meeting, it is where  consumers and fellow business owners are congregating, it is the new contact  point between businesses and potential and existing clients.

Email / Newsletters: Email and Newsletter has expanded to  offer extensive connectivity with the advent of Mobile  technology, enabling businesses to broadcast their messages and consumers to  retrieve and read emails virtually anywhere.

Forums: Forums offer  businesses an effective method to engage and carry on conversations on specific  topics and interest. Forums have the ability to create and develop a close knit, trusted  community

Wikis: Wikis are web based applications enabling users to  develop, edit and to distribute their knowledge on the topic of their choice. Companies  are beginning to leverage the power of Wikis to lower training costs, product  development and to retain various types of procedural business information.

Blogs: Blogs are the most effective, easiest and most  popular Social Media Tool to develop; communication and conversation, and to  create an environment of trust between your business’s and current and  potential clients and customers.

Video: Video is hard to match for providing an engaging  experience, it is visual, it is audio and hopefully it is unique and creative.  Video has come to the forefront of Social Media, the popularity of You Tube is  proof of this. Video enables you to visually communicate with your target  audience in your blog, shared on You Tube and wherever you audience wants to  view your video on their IPods or mobile phones, offering you unlimited  opportunities to connect and enthrall your audience

Creating and uploading Video is low cost and easy (shame I’m  camera shy). An added bonus is  Video is currently providing excellent results  for the Search Engine Optimization of your web site.


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